Rediscover Childhood Nostalgia with Nutrinat's Ready-to-Cook Tender Jackfruit!

For people from the Konkan Tender Jackfruit isn't merely a fruit; it's a nostalgic journey back to childhood memories. It brings back the recollection of family evening affairs of cleaning the ‘Phanas’ which was itself an event and then eating its tasty bhaaji (dry sabzi/palya/poriyal in other languages). We looked forward to that all summer. The raw jackfruit was carefully lowered from the tree. This was then chopped into large quarters and distributed among the waiting ladies and kids. With well-oiled hands we used to pull out the fleshy pods and seeds. The rest was cattle feed. However, the not-so-memorable part involved removing the sticky residue from our fingers.

Times have changed, and with smaller families, the beloved jackfruit has become dearer in terms of effort to clean it and then prepare. We at Nutrinat are here to simplify the process! Our Tender Jackfruit eradicates the arduous tasks of preparation, offering a quick and convenient cooking experience. Plus, Nutrinat's Tender Jackfruit is without any added preservatives, ensuring pure and natural goodness. We procure the fruit from village growers, chop, clean and blanch it in salt water to retain the taste and nutrition. Open the pack, Rinse the contents in water once or twice and that’s it! You are all set to cook your favourite recipe.

Konkani people particularly relish it with rice roti, known as bhakri—a delightful combination that brings me joy in just minutes. Nutrinat's Ready-to-Cook pack lets you savor this delectable dish without the usual hassle, bringing the flavors and cherished memories of childhood to your table.

Rediscover the joy of effortless cooking with Nutrinat's Tender Jackfruit and indulge in the cherished flavors of the past, effortlessly embraced in modern times!

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